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every journey always brings me back to you..*-

This week has gone by so fast, and has been soo stressful.
But it`s alright&almost over and the weekend should be great.

It`s not going away anymore..

It was like birthday week.. happy birthday to emily&claire!.
Last night I danced worse than I ever have in my life.
Today in school Laurie tripped on the stairs, it was really funny but not that funny only to me cause I`m annoying.
And so I`m listenng to Barbie Girl right now and it`s just a great time.
Soo then after school I went to Em`s and then we went to Mighty and Nana Dollar. Which was a very disappointing experience for us. It was like -99 degrees in there but Emily got cool sticky makeup =)
Tonight`s the Confirmation meeting. Awesome.
Buutt hopefully I`ll get to see people that I haven`t seen inawhile. And then those that I see every day of my life.
Anyways, it`s weird.. I can`t write things in here like I used tooo. Kinda sucks but I think it`s better that you don`t listen to my life theories and complaints about annoying things.
Today Autumn wrote me a really cool note about ****** falling into a bush and it made my day a lot.
Anyways, I`m gonna go now.
Tomorrow`s going to be a greatttt time. Shortened classes =)
&the FF&slumberparty!! woo

So it`s safe to say that we`ve been here before.. heart torn out, down for the count&still come back for more. *-
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