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If only I could give you up...

I would like to start this entry by first off saying...Isn't Ash the best, most awesome, coolest BFF in the whole wide world?? Yes, I think so.

So yesterday, as you all know, I went to Ash's. And I didn't talk to her for 45 minutes for 3 reasons. These being:
"You're a piece of crap"
And this conversation:
"Ash, I have a heavy appetite"
"Yeah, HEAVY being the key word"

So during this non-talking day, we cleaned the basement. I sweeped cause Ash says I'm good with the broom. And then we went and looked like hobos and returned like 8574857 cans. We made $13.50 each. Go Ash & Jen. So we came back to Ash's & ate & then my dad came to pick me up. And our fathers were talking FOR-EV-ER, so Ash came out (what a good kid) and talked to me & we made fun of our dads...and other people. Good times. By the way, Leah Vaticano is SO cool.

Anyway, yesterday school was okay. Except for the fact that pictures were yesterday & I had no idea so I had to have my mom bring me another shirt & I wasted two shirts. Bummer. But then I went to the wake =( And then I went to Ash's, cause duh where else would I go. And I helped Ash & Leah make their cool American History notebooks. They look slammin. And then Leah had to leave...and me & Ash went to Francos. And very odd people were there. Then we bought nailpolish and makeup at Rite Aid and we came home & painted our nails metallic blue. Then we made fortune tellers & did our makeup. Then we went outside in our trucker hats and had a dance party. And Leah showed up & joined our dance party. And I almost broke Muffin, but we nursed her back to health because I love her. So the dance party was a huge hit - we came inside, put in the pictures & what not...then I came home.

Tonight I'm going to the Peach Festival, so (of course) I'm pretty pumped about that.

Alright, I'm out.

(This entry was a special entry written by Ash, for Jen)
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