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Monday, April 11th, 2011

( we were all in love.)

Time:12:40 am.
I'm confident in this moment that you;kk miss me. And if itt's only in this moment that I think this, it's one less moment my heart is shattered.

Wednesday, June 29th, 2005

( we were all in love.)

Time:7:13 pm.
Mood: disappointed.
is this it?

Sunday, March 6th, 2005

(5 got hurt. | we were all in love.)

Time:9:56 pm.
Mood: confused.

longgg surveyCollapse )

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2004

( we were all in love.)

Time:5:14 pm.
I just have to say that today was the second week in a row that Emily and I ditched fitness activity to take our PEAR selves to Mighty Taco.
And we sat there for an hour.
And saw two mystery boys.
Thankyou Emily it was a nice outing.

Friday, October 29th, 2004

(1 got hurt. | we were all in love.)

Time:5:46 pm.
clearly im just no good for anything.

Thursday, October 21st, 2004

( we were all in love.)

Subject:every journey always brings me back to you..*-
Time:5:05 pm.
Mood: tired.
This week has gone by so fast, and has been soo stressful.
But it`s alright&almost over and the weekend should be great.

It`s not going away anymore..

It was like birthday week.. happy birthday to emily&claire!.
Last night I danced worse than I ever have in my life.
Today in school Laurie tripped on the stairs, it was really funny but not that funny only to me cause I`m annoying.
And so I`m listenng to Barbie Girl right now and it`s just a great time.
Soo then after school I went to Em`s and then we went to Mighty and Nana Dollar. Which was a very disappointing experience for us. It was like -99 degrees in there but Emily got cool sticky makeup =)
Tonight`s the Confirmation meeting. Awesome.
Buutt hopefully I`ll get to see people that I haven`t seen inawhile. And then those that I see every day of my life.
Anyways, it`s weird.. I can`t write things in here like I used tooo. Kinda sucks but I think it`s better that you don`t listen to my life theories and complaints about annoying things.
Today Autumn wrote me a really cool note about ****** falling into a bush and it made my day a lot.
Anyways, I`m gonna go now.
Tomorrow`s going to be a greatttt time. Shortened classes =)
&the FF&slumberparty!! woo

So it`s safe to say that we`ve been here before.. heart torn out, down for the count&still come back for more. *-

Saturday, October 2nd, 2004

(2 got hurt. | we were all in love.)

Subject:im notttttt okkayyyyy you wear me outttt
Time:11:48 am.
Mood: sad.
Last night I definitley needed to add to my life.
First, Mom bought me Mighty and so me and Claire ate it and then had nothing to do with our lives. So we hung out, called up Cahill.. went to the Hoover playground to meet up with her. I climbed a tree. Actually I totally lied, I just sat in a tree that took now skill or talent to do. But we layed in the basketball court and stargazed. Ms G would be so proud.
So then we called everyone we know to go bowling with us. That definitley sucked. Soo we went back to Claire`s I like collapsed and so did Claire and Cahill just kind of chilled. Soo then we made cookies. What chefs we are.
"I don`t really know anything about politics I just say what my Mom tells me to."

^2 of the best by Cahill.
So then we went bowling.
And stood at the counter counting our nickels and couldn`t afford it. So we had to call my Mom to drive back and bring us more money. Yeah we were short like $1.50. The embarassment was the highlight of the night.
And also when Claire bowled bad she darted off of the platform and ran to her chair so no one could see that it was her. That was a good time too.
We definitley played like 198 games though.

Today I don`t really know what Ash&I are doing with our life. I don`t even care though cause I`m hanging out with Ash. And we really haven`t had a day since can return. This is new to us. I`m very pumped. p.S. Ash I`m turning into you... in my dream last night I wanted to take advantage of a boy when he was intoxicated.

Anyways.. I`m gonna go.


Sunday, September 26th, 2004

(2 got hurt. | we were all in love.)

Time:6:04 pm.
Mood: sick.
i'm extremely excited!!
new comp.

Saturday, September 25th, 2004

( we were all in love.)

Time:6:28 pm.
OKay so my computer officially like blew up.

Sooo i'm with laurie today, emily the newest cell phone owner just left

i sound like a thirteen year old boy going through puberty.
shout out to my throat.

laurie spilled chinese food on herself on thursday night. and we watched mean girls. it was gruel.

anyways, i'm going now i really dont know why i just wrote this.


Saturday, September 11th, 2004

(1 got hurt. | we were all in love.)

Subject:If only I could give you up...
Time:1:21 pm.
Mood: happy.
I would like to start this entry by first off saying...Isn't Ash the best, most awesome, coolest BFF in the whole wide world?? Yes, I think so.

So yesterday, as you all know, I went to Ash's. And I didn't talk to her for 45 minutes for 3 reasons. These being:
"You're a piece of crap"
And this conversation:
"Ash, I have a heavy appetite"
"Yeah, HEAVY being the key word"

So during this non-talking day, we cleaned the basement. I sweeped cause Ash says I'm good with the broom. And then we went and looked like hobos and returned like 8574857 cans. We made $13.50 each. Go Ash & Jen. So we came back to Ash's & ate & then my dad came to pick me up. And our fathers were talking FOR-EV-ER, so Ash came out (what a good kid) and talked to me & we made fun of our dads...and other people. Good times. By the way, Leah Vaticano is SO cool.

Anyway, yesterday school was okay. Except for the fact that pictures were yesterday & I had no idea so I had to have my mom bring me another shirt & I wasted two shirts. Bummer. But then I went to the wake =( And then I went to Ash's, cause duh where else would I go. And I helped Ash & Leah make their cool American History notebooks. They look slammin. And then Leah had to leave...and me & Ash went to Francos. And very odd people were there. Then we bought nailpolish and makeup at Rite Aid and we came home & painted our nails metallic blue. Then we made fortune tellers & did our makeup. Then we went outside in our trucker hats and had a dance party. And Leah showed up & joined our dance party. And I almost broke Muffin, but we nursed her back to health because I love her. So the dance party was a huge hit - we came inside, put in the pictures & what not...then I came home.

Tonight I'm going to the Peach Festival, so (of course) I'm pretty pumped about that.

Alright, I'm out.

(This entry was a special entry written by Ash, for Jen)

Sunday, July 25th, 2004

(3 got hurt. | we were all in love.)

Time:9:27 pm.
*Welcome Home Aquettes!
Great Job,

And Laurie Ann is amazing cause she tripped in front of someone whom shall remain nameless and then spilled chocolate all over her shirt moments later.

( we were all in love.)

Time:9:21 pm.
Intense stuff.

Thursday, July 22nd, 2004

( we were all in love.)

Subject:here i gooooo.. scream my lungs out to try to get to you..
Time:10:06 pm.
Mood: sad.
I think that I lack even the slightest ability to do anything correctly.

( we were all in love.)

Time:7:47 pm.
So I've decided to take the words "And The Reason Is You" and throw them into the ocean. And I'll take the music video along too. Because I think that I'm going to blow up if I ever hear that song again.

Tuesday, July 20th, 2004

( we were all in love.)

Time:10:02 pm.
Mood: lonely.
Yesterday night I went out with my parents.
Just me. It's been alot of Just Me's lately.
Derek & Kell got cool.
So anyways, we went to look at big, expensive houses.
Great times.
Then to dinner.

Today was good. For the most part. Mom pulled up from work and I jumped in the car and we went to Target for Ashlee. I love my mother. Soo I was bonding with the cd all day long.
No cooking today.
And so plans didn't flow tonight =(

So Kim called and said that I could go job hunting with her. We didn't really go job hunting, we just drove around.. visited Shannon at Walgreens, went to DQ, then went to the mall for like ten mins. and got a Gap application. But it was fun. We bonded. =) I love how four years of age doesn't get in the way of her telling me things.

Nobody is happy. I don't think anybody will ever be happy. I just don't believe in it anymore. And that's fine.

Little things really break me up though.
It scares me sometimes.

I'm just not strong anymore. Anybody could say that I am but I really am not. Whatever. I don't need to be. I neverrr get hurt, right?

Not me.

Anyways, not much is new. So I'm gonna go.


( we were all in love.)

Time:1:05 pm.
<3 Ashlee Cd <3

Monday, July 19th, 2004

( we were all in love.)

Time:12:05 pm.
Oh man I hope tonight happens tonight. And all goes welllllllll.

( we were all in love.)

Subject:Stop yelling at youself.
Time:12:46 am.
Mood:really really really sad.
f wiofojvkiadfgajg.


I just want you to be proud of me. I'm SORRY. Really really sorry. I wish I could be different because then things would be better but I can't do anything anymore...

Sunday, July 18th, 2004

( we were all in love.)

Subject:Hide even more, makes no difference anyway.
Time:6:16 pm.
Way to be.

Friday, July 16th, 2004

( we were all in love.)

Time:11:12 pm.
Mmk tonight was good 8).. i went to the franks and hung out alone until kim got home. we cooked dinner then went to old navy. then we got sarah and went to american skin art... they got these parts of their ears pierced- then we went to the res and then drove around and thats abotu it.. ahah i have like a supplier for anythign. they're so fuckkign fun adn cool i felt so lame. liek a virgin to LIFE. but anwyays.. then we went back to kims and the paretns were fun soo they def. took us out to ice cream 8) <3dedees<3
and so iwanttogrowup. aand not. and idk anymroe. whatever i smell like a hamster.
</3 ifyoudontlikebeinghurtthengetaway. yourelame. ahaha i didnt realize wha ti nerd i am until tongith. sweet. ohmygoshiwantaboyfriend. iwantsooomuch.

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